Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Most Curious Elizabethan Portraits of 2019: a Lost Privateer, a Debunked Bard, & a Ghost Girl with the Longest Neck in the World

Above: detail from unknown woman NCMA.67.13.6
This year's choice for most curious portrait was a no-brainer. The most curious portrait I've come across all year, and maybe ever, is the portrait of the long-necked Elizabethan (or Jacobean) ghost girl who bears a spooky resemblance to the famously long-necked and beheaded Anne Boleyn. I simply have no idea what to make of this portrait, which resides inside a small but spectacular collection of mysteriously unidentified Elizabethan portraits in the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Click here to read more about the Ghost Girl portrait. 

Our top five most curious portraits of 2019 are listed at the bottom of the post. Also our most popular post of 2019 is listed.

Below: details from the Ghost Girl portrait NCMA.67.13.6

Click here to read more about the Ghost Girl portrait.

Honorable mentions: four very curious portraits of 2019:

1. Does the Lost Portrait of Sir Philip Sidney by the Italian Master Veronese Now Reside in North Carolina? 

2. My Final Argument that the Portrait of an Unknown Fashion Fantastico in North Carolina Depicts the Privateer Sir Thomas Cavendish 

3. Definitely Not Shakespeare: the Famous Hampton Court Portrait Debunked & Crowned King of Sweden

4. Does North Carolina Own the Most Beautiful Portrait of Mary Sidney Herbert Countess of Pembroke in the World?

And, finally, our most popular post of 2019 goes to:

How To Date Elizabethan Portraits By Costume: Men's Portraits

Thanks to everyone for reading. Have a great 2020!

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