Wednesday, December 11, 2019

THE LAST TAXI DRIVER Gets Starred Kirkus Review

It's been almost 20 years since I've published a novel (RIDES OF THE MIDWAY w/ WW Norton) so, as you can imagine, I am very pleased to report that my upcoming novel THE LAST TAXI DRIVER (Tin House Press, March 03, 2020) has received a starred Kirkus review that compares it to three of my favorite writers--Denis Johnson, Charles Portis, and, maybe best of all, Dashiell Hammett--and describes the plot this way, " . . . a remarkable one-day picaresque as we follow Lou on a marathon shift through a blasted landscape that's part Denis Johnson carnival of the wrecked, part Nietzschean Twilight of the Gods (or Twilight of the Taxi Cabs) . . . a dark pleasure."
Also thrilled that, just last week, we sold the foreign-language rights to Groupe Flammarion in France, and, just today, we received our first offer in Italy. THE LAST TAXI DRIVER can be pre-ordered via the following links: Square Books, Lemuria Books, Barnes & Noble, & Amazon.

above: I'm awaiting a reply from this email before I contact Guinness Book of World Records
As if that wasn't enough good news, the finalized cover of the novel also arrived this week from the great people at Tin House Press. The cover faithfully reproduces in silhouette two of the three air fresheners that used to dangle from the rearview of my taxicab. The Shakespeare-mint one didn't make the cut. Sorry, Will.
Equally excited that 2021 will see the publication of my memoir STALKING SHAKESPEARE (Scribner) which chronicles my obsession with finding lost portraits of Will Shakespeare and getting those overpainted portraits tested via x-ray and infrared light. 

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