Friday, August 30, 2019

Portrait of Man In Armor Looking Damn Silly

From the Royal Collection
Not sure who this goofy looking jack is, but I just stumbled upon his jpeg inside my computer and it gave me a laugh. Closed linen collar edged with reticilla looks decapitatingly late 1570's-ish (collar remained a part of the undershirt until c. 1585). Peascod bulge to lower armor indicates post 1575. Hair and moustaches being brushed upward by use of gum started in 1570.

For more information please read my post How To Date Elizabethan Portraits by Fashion. It's the only guide on the internet that shows you how to recognize the telltale signs that let you date a portrait to within a few years. 

Also helpful might be my glossary of essential terms for understanding Elizabethan fashion.

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