Saturday, December 17, 2016

Swaggerin Jack: Portrait of Edward Seymour

Edward Seymour.  1565.  Age 26.  Attibuted Hans Eworth (1515-1574).  Wikicommons.
I've always preferred Tom Seymour to his brother Edward (portraited above by Hans Eworth).  But this painting makes me like Edward too. 

The Flemish style popular in England often emphasized dignity and nobility at the expense of soul.  It's the rare Elizabethan portrait that strived to depict an eccentric character.

Hey, not to brag, but I have a history with Edward Seymour paintings.  Following months of petitioning from me, the Victoria & Albert Museum changed the identification of a Nicholas Hilliard miniature from "Unknown Man" to "A Man, Possibly Edward Seymour."     

So, anyway, yeah, good ol' Hans Eworth.  He was a bit more of a visionary than the typical Flemish artist trying to eek out a living in savage England.  Eworth also painted one of my favorite portraits of Queen Elizabeth.
Queen Elizabeth I by Hans Eworth. Berger Collection.  Denver, Colorado.
The above portrait is part of the the excellent Berger Collection in Denver.  Click here to visit the Berger Collection online gallery and make sure to look at their portrait of Thomas Pead, of which I have written extensively.

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