Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Curious Portrait In Which The Furtive Count Philip Contemplates Sucking Your Blood

IMG_4003E Hans Baldung Grien. 1484-1545

Hans Baldung Grien. 1485-1545. Strasbourg. Count Palatine Philip Warrior. Alte Pinakothek Munich

 This is not a dead Elizabethan, but nonetheless it's a very curious portrait.  I found this fantastic photograph of the possibly vampiric Count Philip on Flickr photographed by Jean Louis Mazieres.

Count Philip IMPO is up to no damn good.  But it's a beautiful painting even if he is a vampire, serial killer, etc (fill in the blank).  

Whatever it is you're contemplating, Philip, I hope you get away with it!  Hide that body well!

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