Monday, June 10, 2013

The Buttery Shakespeare Portrait Meets the Flower Shakespeare Portrait

Again, just posting quick comparisons for your amusement without much commentary (not much time for blogging these days).  Here is the thoroughly discombobulated Buttery Shakespeare portrait, my all time favorite Shakespeare portrait, and the once famous and now infamously debunked Flower portrait of Shakespeare.

The Buttery, like most Shakespeare portraits kept at the Folger Library in DC, has never been tested with IRs or x-rays.  We have no idea what lurks beneath the paint or how old it is, etc. 

The Flower is owned, and kept in a storage facility that I was lucky enough to visit once, by the Royal Stratford Company.  It was debunked by the National Portrait Gallery due to a single pigment found on its surface that didn't gel with an Elizabethan or Jacobean time frame.  The NPG decided their own portrait, the Chandos, was much more worthy of the title of Most Famous Shakespeare Portrait.  

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