Saturday, April 6, 2013

Update: the Possible Dual Portrait of Southampton & Shakespeare

 Above: the 3rd Earl of Southampton (left, Folger Shakespeare Library) and the Unknown Military Commander (right, privately owned).

A quick update: here is another side-by-side comparison regarding the blog's most viewed post, a discussion of a curious dual portrait tentatively identified as Tom Monson and son.  

In our previous post I argued the portrait might portray William Shakespeare posing alongside the 3rd Earl of Southampton, Shakespeare's patron and very likely the "Fair Youth" of his sonnets.

As to the above comparison, please note the strange shape of the eyes and mouth.  The nose is identical as well.  Click on the image for a larger comparison.   

Go here to read the original post and see a swarm of comparisons.  Plus evidence that the dual portrait was painted in 1602 thereby making its current identification of Monson and son impossible.

Click on images for larger comparisons. 

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