Monday, January 7, 2013

Beautiful Villains: Amy Robsart RIP

 Possible Amy Robsart Private Collection English School
Letter written from London by the Spanish Ambassador Alvaro De Quandra, Bishop of Aquila, on Sept. 6th, 1560 
After my conversation with the Queen, I met the Secretary Cecil, whom I knew to be in disgrace . . . Last of all he [Cecil] said that they [Elizabeth and Dudley] were thinking of destroying Lord Robert’s wife.  They had given out that she was ill, but she was not ill at all; she was very well and taking care not to be poisoned.
On Sept. 8, two days after the letter was penned, Amy Robsart was found dead at the foot of the stairs of Cumnor Hall.

As to the above portrait, it's called Amy Robsart, but there's a lot of skepticism about the identification.  

Regarding the below portrait miniatures, well, those would be our Macbeth-like villains (Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley).  At least the public outrage over Robsart's murder prevented the below pair from being able to marry and live happily ever after. 

It's quite a beautiful portrait, whoever the above woman is.  As are the miniatures below.  Like Shakespeare, Nicholas Hilliard could paint beautiful villains
Nicholas Hillard's His & Her Portrait Miniatures of Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley.  To read more about these two miniatures follow this link.

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  1. This is not Amy at all!!! She is Margaret of Austria, wife of king Philip III of Spain. By the time it was painted Amy had been dead for more or less forty years.