Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Elizabethans Throwing Gangsta Signs On Christmas Morning

I call this Elizabethans Throwin' Gangsta Signs on Christmas Morning.  By Hieronimo Custodis.  The Haringtons.  Man on the left, John Harington, was a court poet who also invented the indoor loo.  At one point he was banished from court by Elizabeth until he finished an epic poem.  Portrait is listed as "Current Whereabouts Unknown."  It looks like the Haringtons are playing invisible musical instruments.  Very curious, I'd say.

Custodis is a shadowy historical figure who painted prolifically and is known for his intricate and at times eccentric calligraphy/signature.  His portraits vary greatly in quality.   Royal curator Ernest Law once described him outright as "a bad painter."  This was unjust as Custodis paints quite well at times.

To our right is another portrait of Lady Mary Rogers Harington (the woman depicted above).  The painter is listed as British School.  Is it also a Custodis portrait?  It certainly has something of his playful style to it.  The painting is now part of a private collection. 

Below is a comparison of inscriptions.  The top one is a typical Custodis.  The bottom two are from the portrait of Mary Harington and appear to be modeled upon Custodis's style but executed with far less skill.

Link of note: Article on the Mary Harington portrait in the British Art Journal XII:2 (Autumn 2011), pp. 54–57

Merry Christmas!

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